Year: 2019

Winterizing the Home with Rendon Remodeling!

As homeowners, we’ve all heard the horror stories that come with winter. Frozen pipes and ice dams and sky-high energy bills, oh my! Okay, so maybe it doesn’t flow as well as when Dorothy said it, but we promise that without proper home management, a home in winter can be just as scary as those … Continue reading “Winterizing the Home with Rendon Remodeling!”

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National Kitchen and Bath Month

October has its fair share of “National Month” Observances. If you are a country music fan, a cookbook author, or a lover of all things apple pie, October is your month. While the nuanced national months can be a fun way of recognizing beloved aspects of our personalities and tastes, October has one national month … Continue reading “National Kitchen and Bath Month”

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Do-It-Yourself This Fall – Tips and Tricks from Rendon Remodeling!

Fall is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to start getting your home ready for the Holidays and the cool weather hibernation that we all love to do. Rent a Power-washer Summer is nearly over, and we have had a wet few months here in Northern Virginia. Cleaning up the outside … Continue reading “Do-It-Yourself This Fall – Tips and Tricks from Rendon Remodeling!”

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