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2023 Home Design Trends

Every year, home remodeling and renovation trends change. While some remain popular for quite some time, others are over in the blink of an eye. As with most design trends, the trends emerging in 2023 are not brand new, but they are seeing an increase in popularity as we get closer to the new year. So if you’re considering bringing your home up-to-date with a remodel, you’re probably wondering what popular trends you should consider for 2023. What architectural elements and features are trending? What styles and colors should you talk to your designer about?

The experienced design team at Rendon Remodeling and Design compiled a list, in no particular order, of home design trends you can look forward to in 2023:


We’re seeing a decline in grays and cooler palettes in exchange for colors with more warmth. For overall colors, greens and natural wood tones with pops of black are popular. Green can be a highly versatile color, turning a living space into a serene sanctuary. Lifted from nature, green can bring calming energy to rooms.


We’re still seeing a lot of white for kitchen cabinetry, but it’s now being mixed with walnut and other natural stains, whether in an island, in an accent piece, or for floating shelves. Walnut is a long-standing favorite for traditional furniture and architectural millwork and is valued for its natural beauty and durability. In addition, it helps achieve a modern look in home interiors.


Furniture-style vanities for bathrooms remain popular. A stand-alone vanity can offer a more modern design statement and provides dimension to your bathroom. Vanities are available in a wide range of shapes and styles, making bathroom space design more fun and interesting. In addition, countertops are available to coordinate with any style.


Black and brushed gold finishes are still ranking high, as well as the use of mixed metals for plumbing and hardware. Brushed gold fixtures are refined and classy, while cool-toned black is excellent for boldly opening up the color palette in your bath or kitchen.


Countertops are reverting back towards natural stones like quartzites and soapstones, but we’re still seeing a lot of white marble-look quartz surfaces. Natural stones are a perfect complement to most designs and can range from subtle to dramatic––adding class and timelessness to any space.


Elongated subway-type tiles in neutral colors are popular for backsplashes, while larger format stone-like tile is still popular for bathrooms. We’re seeing a decline in patterned encaustic-style tiles in favor of more Art-Deco patterns and even terrazzo-look tile flooring.

Your home remodel should include a combination of timeless and trending color and design elements. Rendon Remodeling and Design excel at both to create the perfect balance. We’re experts at mixing the latest design and interior remodeling trends to give your home a look that will never feel dated. Work with a remodeling team that excels at both to pull off the perfect balance.

Are you as excited as we are about the upcoming design trends? Start 2023 off right with the right design team! Contact a professional Rendon Remodeling and Design for a consultation. (703) 444-3127

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