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6 Top Trends for Stunning Curb-Appeal


For a beautiful, welcoming home, curb-appeal is key. Whether your goal is to love your home’s look or leverage it to stand out in this seller’s market, adding beautiful touches to your home and yard doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. These trends are not only popular, but also here to stay for a while. Pick a few (or all of them!), have fun and then step back to enjoy the results!

Shade Features

Dress up an otherwise traditional deck or porch with unique shade features, like pergolas, awnings or free-standing structures. Just be sure your choice complements the style of your home.

Patterned Driveways

Bid boring asphalt and concrete driveways goodbye. Instead, embrace designs with decorative stampings, bricks, flagstones or other materials to add an unexpected touch to any style of home.

Welcoming Doors

While you’re saying goodbye to your ho-hum driveway, do the same to your just-like-everyone’s door. It’s a perfect space to add a pop of color, or as Better Homes and Gardens featured, use your door as a canvas for a beautiful photo or graphic design. 

Native Landscaping

Gone are the days of labor-intensive lawns and gardens. Using flowers, plants, hedges and grasses native to the area are not only easier to care for, but also thrive in their surroundings, giving you a more lush, attractive yard.

Front Yard Social

The front yard used to be a place for a formal entrance to a home, and the back yard was where family and friends relaxed and hosted celebrations. That script’s been flipped, and new curb appeal trends that embrace “front yard living”, including expanded patios and decks, seating arrangements and even porch swings to encourage gatherings both small and large.

Dark Exteriors

Darker colors have been making a comeback and are still going strong. They’re bold and dramatic, and also help your home stand out in your neighborhood and a crowded market. As My Home Style Designs shared, they offer classic beauty and a touch of a historical element. A darker color also makes a beautiful landscape – of native plants, of course – pop in an eye-catching way. 

Regardless of home’s style or location, your budget or goal, there are dozens of ways to add attractive, often transformational touches to boost your home’s curb-appeal and beauty. If you’d like to explore refreshing, renovating or adding to your home with these trends or other projects, let us be your guide and partner. Call (703) 444-3127or email [email protected], and let’s get started.

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