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7 Interior Design Trends for 2021


Spending significantly more time at home during the pandemic has definitely resulted in an increased demand for home remodeling, renovations and additions. According to data analyzed by, more than three-quarters of all U.S. homeowners said they had done some type of home improvement project during the pandemic, and the same number said they plan to take on a new project in 2021

So, what will these new projects look like? What will be on-trend this year? Our own design consultant, Amy Bryan, shared what she expects to see ongoing this year. 


More homeowners are expressing their individual style with wallpaper, and the smaller the room, the bolder the paper. Unlike decades ago, wallpaper doesn’t have to be a long-term commitment. Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is gaining popularity as a way to upgrade living space on a whim.


Whether in bathrooms or kitchens, on floors or walls, tile will continue to play a large role in functional design. The type of tile selected will still vary widely depending upon the overall look desired. Everything from bold, encaustic-look designs to more classic patterns like herringbone to larger-format subway tile will make appearances this year.



As with tile, the choices in cabinetry and shelving run the gamut, so there’s something to suit every aesthetic. Expect to see white cabinets with a bright accent color, black-and-white schemes and rustic stained finishes. Floating shelves are also one of the most popular kitchen shelving trends as of late. They also a great way to add a pop of shine or texture to your space, as they come in a variety of styles including traditional wood, brass and even copper.


Speaking of hardware, plumbing fixtures are right in line with cabinetry versions. Satin-finished brass and matte black finishes top the charts for kitchen and bath fixtures. 


Classic quartz and marble-look countertops will continue to be timeless and favored this year. However, we’ll see recycled glass composite countertops more frequently as more homeowners request more earth-friendly, sustainable materials.


Quality lighting in the right areas is the perfect finishing touch in any room. Edison bulb fixtures aren’t going anywhere any time soon, and linear pendants over islands will continue to be the top lighting request for kitchens.

No matter the trends, though, it’s your own style and taste that — once come to life in your home — will make the space inviting and the inhabitants happy. If you have a home remodel, renovation or addition in mind, please give us a call at (703) 444-3127 and let’s make it happen.

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