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Basement Trends and Tips

Basement Trends and Tips

Basements are spaces where you extend your living space and add additional areas for your family to gather. You will want to make this space multi-functional and have open areas for your growing needs. There are many things you should consider when thinking about expanding an unfinished room or the entire basement.

A good tip for conquering your basement remodel is to keep a light and open concept; only adding or designating rooms for specific needs like a workout studio, a bedroom or a home theater. 

First you will want to consider the areas you would like to add. Is this space going to be for the kids, adults or accommodate both? We are going to go over some awesome ideas in hopes to inspire you to create a space of your own that everyone can enjoy.

Media Rooms

One room that can accommodate the whole family and you cannot go wrong with, is a media room.  This area will take up the largest area in the basement and will get the most use. The media area is where you have a large sectional or seating area and even bigger TV, hello happy husband!  You will want to consider media built-ins, as this is a hot trend and will provide ample amounts of storage.  The media wall/built-ins will house your tv, electronics, family games and so much more.  A media room is one area the whole family will enjoy. It’s a perfect place to bond over movie nights, games, and favorite TV show binges

Custom Bars

If you are looking to entertain friends, a custom bar is a great gathering spot and area to consider.  It’s like the kitchen of the basement, everyone ends up gathering there. You can go as custom or as simple as you like.  If you have the space, I would go big and making this your second largest space. You can customize it by adding a sink, microwave, fridge or wine fridge, ice maker.  Cabinets or open shelving to house wine, glasses and all the bar essentials is a great option to consider.  Then you can add bar seating and another TV, because you can never have too many televisions.  

Workout Studio

A workout studio is another great option. You will want to make this area inviting, so you can get your sweat on and relieve stress. For this area, you will want the flooring to stand up to abuse and can be easily cleaned. With that said, we recommend rubber flooring or hardwood/luxury vinyl. You should consider cabinets, this will allow for things to stay off the floor, give you more work-out space and everything will have a place.  Homeowners love to add a TV and speakers, so they can watch their favorite classes and jam out to their workout playlist!

Distance Learning or Work-From-Home Space

Another hot trend is a quiet space for the kids to do their schoolwork.  In this space you will want to make this an area that can grow with the kids and their changing needs.  The kid’s area will need to be an organized space for toys, games and arts and crafts.  In order for this space to grow with them, we have done some really amazing custom wall cabinets with built-in desks to allow for multi-functional storage. 

We hope we helped you consider some fun and useful spaces for your basement.  Basement remodels not only give you a return on investment when it comes to your home value, but also your quality of life! Consider this: are you fully optimizing the space in your basement? Which of these types of basement rooms covered do you think your family would love the MOST? We look forward to hearing from you on your ideas for your next basement finishing or remodeling project! 

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