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Modern Kitchen Trends of 2016: Part Two of a Three Part Series

Part Two – Counter and Cabinet Trends to Modernize Your Kitchen Space   A kitchen is often the most utilized space in your home, and a space that should feel very comfortable for everyone in your family. Countertops and cabinetry are two of the highlights of your kitchen space.  While there are some aspects of … Continue reading “Modern Kitchen Trends of 2016: Part Two of a Three Part Series”

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Modern Kitchen Trends of 2016: A Three Part Series

Part One – Designing a Transitional Kitchen: Blending Traditional and Modern   As you begin to plan for your kitchen design, consider a transitional kitchen.  This unique design blends traditional and modern styles to create a distinctive design that will stand out and add a flare to your home.  Transitional kitchens mix natural and man-made … Continue reading “Modern Kitchen Trends of 2016: A Three Part Series”

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Rendon Remodeling - Corneau Porch

Screen Porch Projects

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to think about adding a porch onto the back of your house. There are so many benefits of a screened in porch and now is the perfect time to expand. It is best to start with a renovation of the back of the house. You can give … Continue reading “Screen Porch Projects”

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Outdoor Living Spaces

As April’s “showers” come to an end, it’s time to be thinking about the sunny days ahead. The light is up until 9 pm and there’s no longer that chilly breeze that sweeps by under a cloud or in the shade. This is the chef’s time to shine!! With all the back yard barbecues, neighborhood … Continue reading “Outdoor Living Spaces”

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Remodeling Trends for 2014

Is it Time for a Renovation? Most homeowners have at one point either thought about or actually made some sort of improvements on their home. In 2013 there was an increase in home remodeling  and we believe the trend will continue in 2014, and into the future. There are many different types of remodels and … Continue reading “Remodeling Trends for 2014”

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Qualifications Matter

Rendon Remodeling & Design Key Employees Earn a Prestigious Certification The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) has a rigorous certification process that, once successfully completed, affords the qualified remodeler superior credentials. The certification goes far beyond the technical aspects of the trade and incorporates key elements such as ethics, business skills, and legal … Continue reading “Qualifications Matter”

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Cost vs. Value of Your Next Home Project

Before Second Story Addition Have you considered adding an addition to your home, but were not sure if it would add enough value to your house to make it worth doing? Would adding more space improve the quality of life in your home? There are several ways to consider the “value” of a home.  This … Continue reading “Cost vs. Value of Your Next Home Project”

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Rendon Remodeling - Vienna, VA Basement

Is it Time to Consider an Extension or Remodel?

You may not be interested in moving, but your current house may need an upgrade   There are a lot of reasons for people not wanting to stay in the house you own now. You may love the neighborhood or the area is perfect for a growing family. You may be retiring and planning to … Continue reading “Is it Time to Consider an Extension or Remodel?”

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Use Your Basement for More than Just Storage

Transform the Space Under Your First Floor Your basement doesn’t have to be just a dark dungeon where you store your Christmas decorations. Finishing your basement can actually give you more benefits than you may think. Not only can you add more living space and increase the market value of your home, it can also increase your … Continue reading “Use Your Basement for More than Just Storage”

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Rendon Remodeling - Dunn Loring, VA Kitchen

Financing Your Home Remodeling Project

Construction loans are a great way to secure the funds needed for home improvement   Have you been considering an upgrade to you home or turning a fixer-upper into your dream home, but haven’t followed through because you don’t have the cash? Have you considered a construction loan? You may even want to find a … Continue reading “Financing Your Home Remodeling Project”

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