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Fall 2020 Kitchen Trends

Kitchens are the heart of the home, where we gather with family and friends for a good meal to reminisce and have memorable discussions. With fall on the horizon that means cooler temperatures, lots of pumpkins, leaves falling and inspiration to decorate in rustic, warm and cozy colors. So, if you are thinking of a whole kitchen remodel or just some small subtle updates, our team at Rendon Remodeling & Design is here to inspire you.

In current years kitchens have trended toward whites and neutrals. Recently we have seen some shifts in these trends by adding some pops of color. The added color can come in various elements. Natural tones are popular choices, bringing the outside into our homes. We will go over some hot trends for the fall to make your kitchen memories last a lifetime.

Mixing Metals

A kitchen with tiled walls and metal light fixtures

One hot trend in kitchens is gold, copper and black matte finishes. If you are choosing to stay with the classic white kitchen, consider adding in some of these newer metal finishes.
While these finishes used to be mainly seen in faucets and door hardware, we are seeing the accents extend well beyond this. Adding accent colors to sinks, fixtures and specialty appliances is trending. These elements are not only functional, but also style statements. Mixing in different metals will give the kitchen a chic-cozy feeling.

Wood/Natural Cabinets and Shelving

A kitchen with stained wood cabinetry and chairs

We are seeing a re-introduction of wood finishes in kitchens but with softer tones and finishes. Natural wood evokes a feeling of warmth and timelessness. A great way to incorporate some stained wood is through an accent island or open shelving, which is a great way to store and display items, making your kitchen uniquely yours.

Bursts of Color

A kitchen with desaturated green cabinetry, gray countertops, white tile, and stained wood

White kitchens are timeless, although we are seeing some bold, new colorful trends enter the kitchen. Deep blue and green are making their way into kitchen designs. These bold colors are being used in cabinetry, tiled backsplashes, appliances or hardware. They pair well with neutral tones and bring a fun personality to the kitchen. If you are loving this idea but are afraid of a long-term commitment, consider using these pops of color on things like tile or decorative items, which can be changed out more easily down the road.


While the beauty of marble is hard to match, the upkeep and staining factors have kept many from using it. Quartz is an engineered stone that mimics the feeling of marble and is very low maintenance and eco-friendly. It is also non-porous and highly resistant to staining. It comes in many colors, patterns and finishes making it a perfect and durable option for your countertops. So when shopping around for countertops, take a look at all the beautiful options quartz comes in.


A hot trend in tile is encaustic and patterned tiles which come in many colors and designs. These stronger statement tiles are often used as accents in a kitchen, perhaps on a wall behind a stove, or in a bar area. Adding a patterned tile is a great way to bring some color and character into an otherwise neutral kitchen.

Are you inspired to remodel this fall? Our design team at Rendon Remodeling & Design is eager to begin working with you on your next project. Email us today at [email protected] or call us at (703) 444-3127.

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