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Happy Holidays

Without a doubt, we’re all ready for 2020 to move along, and many of us have dug in our heels and refuse to let the pandemic take happy holidays away. Did you notice how many of us jumped at the chance to grab onto the joy of the holiday season and hang on as if for dear life? Our social media feeds have been flooded with photos of families putting up Christmas decorations earlier than usual, and it put a new emphasis on the “comfort and joy” we’ve been craving this year.

And it’s hasn’t been enough to just decorate. So many folks – even those with fairly conservative taste – are going all out! Think National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. One family we know (we won’t name names) has literally used all of the decorations they own. Every. Single. One. Even those that haven’t seen the light of December in decades.

Those decorations are popping up all over the house, too, which begs the question: When was the last time you used your formal living or dining room? Granted, the holiday season is usually when the formal rooms see the most activity in the year, but then often sit empty the rest of the time.

Now that a great number of you are spending the vast majority of time at home, are you still happy with the formal functions of those rooms or are you thinking about how you could really use that space for so much more? You aren’t alone. Many families are re-thinking their spaces. Perhaps the formal dining room should morph into a home office, allow for an expanded dream kitchen, exercise room or make-shift classroom.  Re-designing your living spaces to function more for your family’s day-to-day activities has been an ongoing trend.  

If – as you celebrate the season – you catch yourself daydreaming about what some of your rarely used spaces can be, make a mental note to give us a call come January. We’ll help you turn your daydream into reality.

From our family to yours, we hope you find happiness and joy wherever possible…during the holiday season and beyond!

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