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Home Design Trends to Look Forward to in the New Year

Home Design Trends to Look Forward to in the New Year

Happy New Year! Are you team New Year, New Me? Or maybe your mantra this year is New Year, New Kitchen? If you’re ready to start the year with a bang and update your home, we’re here to help! This blog post will cover home design trends to look forward to this year.

Updated Kitchens

We all really, really lived in our homes during the pandemic. Everyone had the opportunity to figure out what they liked and didn’t like about their homes, what worked and what didn’t work anymore. 

During the pandemic people were looking to close off spaces more since we were all on top of each other, and now that is starting to go back to people wanting a more open plan incorporating kitchen/dining/living, and making those transitions more seamless and flowing. Kitchens are one of our most popular remodeling projects and we’re excited about the new trends for 2024.


New Year, New Appliances

As you plan your kitchen remodel, you’ll meet with our design team to discuss and select all of your finishes and appliances. Colored appliances have been and will continue to be popular. Samsung has a new fridge out in their Bespoke line where you can really customize it with different colors. Different colored ovens are popular too, check out this beautiful kitchen remodel we completed last year.

Bathroom Updates

Bathroom fixtures, shower doors and vanities are some of the pieces we’re seeing clients wanting to customize more in 2024. Houzz says that, “the trend toward adding more timeless elements to the home, more handmade and custom features are being added as a way to add more charm and uniqueness to a space.” At Rendon Remodeling & Design our Design Consultants will help design the perfect space for you! 

We’re Ready to Help

When building or upgrading your home there are many important factors to take into consideration; your budget, your design and your timeline.

Ready to start your renovation? Rendon Remodeling & Design is here to help bring your vision to life by providing inspiration and guidance.  

Contact us at (703) 444-3127 or [email protected] to discuss your dream project and let Rendon Remodeling & Design turn your kitchen or bathroom into a beautiful and functional space! This transformation project is a testament to the fantastic possibilities of a home remodel. At Rendon Remodeling and Design, we specialize in creating unique and functional living spaces that match our client’s specific needs. 

If your home is feeling cramped or needs a refresh, consider a home addition or remodel to bring new life into your home. Contact Rendon Remodeling and Design today to learn more about our remodeling and design services. (703) 444-3127

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