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Home Design Trends – What is In and What is Out?

It is no secret that trends are always evolving, and what is popular changes every year/decade. Certain trends go out of style in one era, only to return years later. This is certainly true when it comes to home details, whether it be paint color, cabinets, tile, fixtures, and overall styles. At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we see the ebbs and flows of trends throughout the year and between seasons. We will tell you all about the home trends that are currently out, the ones that have replaced them, and how you can implement new trends in your home.

Colors and Color Schemes

Out – Grays, Oranges, White/Gray Kitchen
In – Greens, Pinks, White/Natural Stain Kitchen

Angela Rose Home

Grays are out, while greens are in. Various shades of green offer a fresh and earthy look that is in-style right now. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room, green color schemes are proving to be more popular than the previous trend of grays. If you want to dip your toes into the green trend, you can consider painting an accent wall with a more vibrant shade (it doesn’t have to be lime green – there are many wonderful hues of green!). Or, to be more subtle, you can try adding decor such as curtains, decorative throws, and wall art of a certain hue to add that pop of green.

Oranges are out, and pinks are in! Pink color schemes make spaces warm and inviting, and are used in a similar way that oranges were used when they were in style. Pink can also be incorporated in your home with an accent wall, if you’re committing to the pink theme. However, if you prefer smaller touches of pink throughout your home, consider getting a few pink appliances and statement art that will have similar shades of pink all coming together to make the area come alive. Light or pale pinks will work for this purpose, as hot pink would not give the same result.

Specifically for kitchen color schemes, the white and gray combination is out and has been replaced with the white and natural stain scheme. The soft and warm hues of natural stains are being used in white kitchens, which gives the whole kitchen a clean and modern look. If you are updating your kitchen and want to incorporate more natural stains, you have several options. Consider adding natural elements using the floor, countertop, shelving, or even decor! At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we see many homes using a variety of natural stain options (although, you might not want to make all three the same shade or stain).


Out: Glass Cabinets, Shaker Style Cabinet Doors
In: Floating Shelves, Slab Cabinet Doors

Source: Bigger Than the Three of Us

Glass cabinets are no longer in trend; on the other hand, floating shelves are! Floating shelves offer a quirky, yet organized look that is in-style right now. For a more modern look, floating shelves can be installed in the kitchen, living room, office, and even the bathroom. Floating shelves can be put anywhere you store things that you don’t mind being visible, and anywhere you want to display items.

Similarly, shaker style cabinets are out, while slab cabinet doors are in. Slab cabinets have a simple and minimalistic look, which many prefer at the moment.


Out: Subway Tile
In: Textured Tile

Source: Tile Club

Tile plays a major role in the design of homes. We are seeing that subway tile is out and textured tile is in! Homeowners are steering away from the sleek and smooth look of subway tile, and choosing tile that offers a bolder look. Trendy kitchens and bathrooms are placing an emphasis on the tile, which offers a pop of texture and color.

Adding textured tile to your kitchen and bathroom is a great way to add areas of interest in those spaces. A textured backsplash in the kitchen becomes a nice focal point, while having textured tile on the bathroom floor, or even the shower walls, can add depth and visual appeal.


Out: Matte Black Fixtures, Glass Pendant Light Fixtures
In: Mixed Metals, Woven Pendant Light Fixtures

Woven Pendant Lights from Urban Outfitters

For fixtures, matte black is out and mixed metals are in. Mixed warm and cool-tone metal fixtures have become a stylish feature in kitchens and bathrooms, and are far more interesting than matte black. Glass pendant light fixtures have been replaced by woven pendant light fixtures. Glass pendant lights used to be seen as the classier way to go. Now, woven pendant lights offer a different, quirky look, which many are using!

Woven Pendant Lights from Urban Outfitters
If you are looking to spruce up or update the look of your space, consider replacing your current lights with mixed metal fixtures. From sinks, to doorknobs, to cabinet pulls are easily changed out for a brighter, more interesting metal. The same goes for light fixtures; replacing your glass pendant light fixtures with woven pendant ones can be a small change that transforms the space.


Out: Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse
In : 70s Retro, Eclectic

Popular styles in the home are revolving from the Mid-Century Modern and Farmhouse looks to the 70s-Retro and Eclectic styles. Although both the Mid-Century Modern and Farmhouse styles have had a strong grip on the public for many years, they are beginning to give way to the quirky, colorful styles that are 70s Retro and Eclectic. The plain and classy looks are no longer sought after as much as the colorful, mismatched looks of the past. As always, past trends are coming back around!

The overall style of your home takes a bit more effort to change than switching out some fixtures. If you decide you want a complete change, it may be best to change things gradually. If you’re going for a retro or eclectic look, start discovering what aspects of those styles you gravitate toward. As you look at different items, you can collect items of interest and start replacing your old items with the new ones. This especially works if you are taking the eclectic route, because you don’t want things to match too much anyway. Add some house plants, bursts of color, and interesting art, and you’ll be well on your way to a fresh style that is on trend this year!

Source: HGTV Canada

Trends are interesting to follow, especially when it involves your home and how you decorate it. At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we believe that while we can remain attuned to the latest trends, it is even more important to style your home the way you want to. You never know when certain trends will come back around!

Contact Rendon Remodeling & Design today to learn how to incorporate the trends you are drawn to the most in your next remodeling project!

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