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Home Insurance Project

Home insurance losses can be a real headache. We are moving right along on the insurance project in Lucketts, VA. I wanted to give you an update on the project. This project started with a frozen pipe in the garage. The first mistake the builder did was put a bathroom directly above the garage with no insulation. If you ever put a bathroom above a garage, you must be sure to insulate the pipes to prevent them from freezing. If you don’t, you might have us at your house tearing out drywall and repairing water damaged areas. The project in Lucketts, VA is approximately 5,000 square. Unfortunately the homeowner was out of the country for awhile and this leak continued for a long time causing extensive damage. Basically the whole basement ceiling and flooring had to be torn out and the majority of the first floor ceiling and hardwood floors. We have now exposed all of the water damage and replaced any damaged wood. Then we installed the drywall which we blocked, skimmed, and sanded ready for painting. We are now in the process of painting the project and things are moving right along. Water damage is the enemy and can cause many problems, so stay tuned to my future blog about frozen pipes and how to prevent them. Also be sure to check the blog because I will be posting pictures of this project and how it is progressing.

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