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Home Remodeling during Covid-19

Staying home inspired your next remodel?

Has being home for the last several months led you to notice all the imperfections and updates your home is needing? Have you thought, I’m ready to start a renovation but is it reasonable to do so during a pandemic? We want you to know that Rendon Remodeling & Design holds the highest standards of safety and we have implemented strict guidelines for our team to follow when completing your next home remodeling project.

Whether a home addition, kitchen, bathroom or basement remodel; there is no need to postpone your remodeling dream.

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Initial Virtual Evaluation

Let’s begin: The first step of starting your project with Rendon Remodeling & Design during the Covid-19 era is to set up your initial virtual evaluation by calling our office at (703) 444-3127 and discussing your plans with Karen. As you explain your vision, Karen will direct you on what additional information will be necessary to start the virtual evaluation of your remodeling project

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Safety first

Safety protocols will be in place prior to construction beginning. Employees will provide morning temperature checks to the Project Manager and wear masks and gloves when not able to socially distance and always when out in public. Hand sanitizer stations are set up at the home’s entry point and sprays and wipes are available for added surface cleanings. When it is part of the workscope, portable toilets with hand sanitizers will be set up for use during construction.

At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we take safety for all our employees, subcontractors and especially our clients and their families very serious and will always do our part to follow CDC guidelines during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Contact us

We hope this answers any uncertainties you may have about remodeling during Covid-19. If you have any other questions, please give us a call at (703) 444-3127 or fill out our contact form. We are open and ready to get started on your next home project, safely! Our homes and the time we spend in them are more important now than ever. Let Rendon Remodeling & Design help make your remodeling dream a reality.

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