Kitchen Remodel Fairfax VA

Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC: For the Greatest Value in Custom Kitchen Remodels in Fairfax, Va.

For elegance, for style and for ease of use, you cannot beat Rendon Remodeling for the most bang-for-your-buck kitchen remodel in Fairfax.

As Fairfax’s and Northern Virginia’s premier architectural design/build firm providing home improvements, enhancements, extensions and additions (basements, bathrooms, outside decks, porches and patios, sunrooms, playrooms, and of course kitchens), Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC brings more than 30 years of recognized and consistent experience to every project we undertake. Your new kitchen in your Fairfax, Va., home is ideal for the skills and knowledge we have to offer. With our team of Certified Remodelers and our Virginia certification as a Class-A licensed contractor, Rendon Remodeling gives each client a mix of functionality and style, all while staying true to the client’s vision.

The kitchen being the hub of the home, the place where family and friends get together, Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC knows that making it beautiful will greatly increase the welcoming atmosphere of the entire house. Not to mention that a complete kitchen overhaul can have a major beneficial impact on your Fairfax home’s value! A new kitchen remodel by Rendon can be an investment that pays dividends now and in the future.

The first step to your dream kitchen’s reality is our free, in-home initial consultation. We listen and learn about your vision for your family’s new kitchen, and we see firsthand the old kitchen we’ll be working on.

Then, we put you on the team with Rendon’s staff of expert design consultants and architects. Rendon Remodeling works with the Fairfax, Va., homeowner every step of the way, from the choice of materials to improving the layout of the entire kitchen redesign project – all kept within your allotted budget.

There are myriad choices to be made, and it’s not always obvious what the best decision is for a particular aspect of any given project. Rendon helps – from the style of shelves to the choice of wallpaper to the placement of the microwave and the spacing between the countertops (not to mention what those shelves and countertops are made out of).

The overall style of your new kitchen remodel is a major decision in itself.

• Rustic – kitchens resembling a log cabin or frontier American look.
• Contemporary – kitchens with a minimalist appeal, incorporating asymmetrical styles and only light use of décor.
• Old-World – kitchens harkening back to those of 17th-century Europe.
• Traditional – kitchens capturing the feel of American and European households from the 18th and 19th centuries.
• Tuscan – kitchens incorporating styles reminiscent of Italy, heavy with Mediterranean influences.
• Your Style – kitchens designed and built to match whatever style you desire for your Fairfax home.

No matter how postmodern or old-timey you wish your new kitchen to be, Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC will incorporate the latest advances in technology and the most modern precautions for safety in your home. Your kitchen may look like something out of the 17th century, but it’s great to have the security of modernity!

Call Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC today, and soon your family can enjoy the splendor and ease-of-use of a brand new kitchen redesign/renovation/remodel, to make your home even more beautiful in Fairfax, Va.