Kitchen Remodeling Fairfax VA

Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC: Make Your Fairfax, Va., Kitchen Remodel Really Cook

When did you see a beautifully modeled kitchen on TV or at someone else’s house and wondered, ‘How can I get a kitchen like that in my Fairfax home?’ Chances are you’ve thought about it, but perhaps you haven’t done anything about it just yet.

Your first step toward a new kitchen remodel in Fairfax is to call Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC. We are a Class-A licensed design/build architectural firm serving all of Northern Virginia with the most intelligent designs and budget-conscious techniques to make the kitchen of your dreams really come to life.

With over 30 years of high-level hands-on experience in the industry, Rendon Remodeling also expertly designs and installs finished basements, remodeled bathrooms, decks, porches and sunrooms, bay windows and breakfast nooks – any improvement, addition or extension to benefit your family’s comfort and increase your home’s value in Fairfax, Va.

Many homeowners have delayed plans to update their kitchen due to the costs involved. While a kitchen renovation project is a major undertaking, it is one venture that promises to bring both more value into your home and more happiness into your life. Whether it’s the extra working space or the newfound sense of style that you’ve always wanted in the hub of your Fairfax home, there is tremendous value in a wise investment in your kitchen.

It is recommended not to wait until your kitchen is literally falling apart before opting for a badly needed kitchen remodel. You would do well to call Rendon for your new kitchen renovation in your Fairfax, Va., home if:

• Your kitchen does not suit your family’s modern lifestyle. Today’s kitchens are multi-function rooms requiring direct access to and from contiguous spaces, like TV rooms.

• Your kitchen is too small. The kitchen is the hub of the home, and so it gets a lot of traffic and a lot of wear and tear. If space is an issue in your kitchen and there aren’t enough cupboards, shelves and countertops to hold everything, then an expert kitchen remodel is precisely what you need.

• Your kitchen is deteriorating. A kitchen with cracked tiles, stained flooring, broken door knobs, missing cabinet doors, outdated or faulty appliances and faded wall paint can bring down a home’s entire appearance and reduce functionality, in addition to being a signficant threat to your family’s and pets’ safety.

• Your current kitchen is a money pit. Older, obsolete household appliances and outdated, energy-inefficient light fixtures consume a lot of electricity, and you’re paying for it all. Ceramic and other materials are known to break easily and therefore drive up maintenance costs. Electric stoves and gas stoves both require long cooking times, and that means prolonged electricity use.

• You are not happy with how your kitchen looks…so let’s make it look a lot better!

Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC has solutions to all of the above, from proper kitchen island placement to creating space for multiple food-preparation areas, from incorporating pull-out drawers and open shelving units to wall-mounted shelves, from adding skylights to increasing energy-efficiency, from the widest range of style choices to the most durable building materials.

Call Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC for a complimentary, in-home initial consultation, and together we can make your Fairfax, Va., home even more attractive with a custom-built kitchen remodel.