Kitchen Remodeling McLean VA

Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC: The Intelligent Decision for Custom Kitchen Remodeling in McLean

Remodeling the kitchen of your McLean, Va., home may seem like a daunting, arduous, even time-consuming project. That’s because it certainly can be – but with Rendon Remodeling, it can be a fulfilling and ultimately rewarding experience. And that is because of our own experience: We have been in business for more than 30 years, remodeling kitchens as a Class-A licensed design/build firm for McLean.

The kitchen of your dreams can in fact be yours – and once you see it, you’ll be satisfied that you invested in your family’s enjoyment and your economic future. A customized, personalized refurbished/rehabilitated/renovated/remodeled kitchen (or bathroom, or basement, or outdoor patio or whatever other home improvement, enhancement, extension or addition) can be one of the most intelligent investments you ever make in your McLean home.

But there’s more than increasing your Northern Virginia home’s value while making it a more stylish, comfortable, attractive environment in which to live, raise kids and entertain visitors. It’s also about enhancing the one room in which most family members spend much of their time: your kitchen. Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC can design a renovation plan which optimizes your kitchen’s workspace and storage space – making your kitchen by Rendon even more attractive than it was before.

It’s as true in McLean as it is in all the other neighborhoods of Virginia where we do design/build: Your kitchen is your home’s center of activity, the gathering point for the whole family to prepare and enjoy meals while catching up on valuable family time. With the understanding that your family’s needs, preferences and lifestyles are constantly in flux, it becomes critical to ensure that this Hub of the Home (that is, your kitchen) is completely updated so that the ever-changing concerns of your family are always met. That’s where Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC comes in.

It’s something of a big deal, resolving to install a total custom kitchen makeover. As homeowner, you are involved by Rendon Remodeling in every phase, from initial architectural planning to final build-out.

Among the choices our experts will assist your family in making: What is the scope of your kitchen redesign/refurbishment project? What, when all is said and done and installed, do you want your kitchen remodel to feel like? Let us work together to bring that project to reality, exactly matching what your family’s collective heart desires.

But wait; there’s more: What materials would you like to see your kitchen’s remodel? Rendon has sources for a far range of high-quality composites and substances, from granite to marble and everything in between – though the best stone for your kitchen’s remodel could be something else entirely. Rendon will assist you in sorting it out, and together we avoid potentially budget-blowing errors and overruns.

Yet there’s still more factors in need of consideration: Is your newly designed kitchen going to be sufficiently easy to use for all involved? Is there enough space around the islands and countertops? Is your kitchen’s work-triangle of sink-stove-refrigerator all accessible enough? Should the microwave be set in a nook in the kitchen’s island, or over a shelf, or between cabinets or where? Are there enough drawers and cupboards for utensils, china, cookware, plateware and supplies? A kitchen island is a wonderful asset when the kitchen is remodeled properly; when it’s not, it’s a needless obstruction in the way.

What about your remodeled kitchen’s lighting? The lights – the type, the placement – can make an amazing difference. It illuminates a too-dark kitchen and can help foster a warm, welcoming feeling which makes people spend more time there. So consider whether Rendon Remodeling should install lights under the cabinets, as well as task-focused lightning, track lightning and recessed lighting.

When we work together to sweat the small stuff like those particular items mentioned above, they add up to the total remodel of your McLean, Va., kitchen. With the strength of our team of Certified Remodelers possessing more than 30 years of real-world experience, Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC has the expertise, resources and reliability to build your custom kitchen remodel in your McLean home to perfection.