Kitchen Remodeling VA

Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC: Virginia’s Choice for Budgetary Kitchen Remodeling

The reason why Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC has been VA’s premier design/build architectural company for more than 25 years is because we deliver the highest level of expertise and the highest quality of materials while, at the same time, keeping within the homeowner’s preset budget.

Rendon Remodeling is proud to be licensed Class-A by Virginia’s Board of Contractors as a team of Certified Remodelers (CRs) with a wealth of acclaimed experience in the design and construction of kitchens and much more: enhancements like basements and bathrooms, additions like sunrooms and breakfast nooks, and external living areas like porches, decks, patios – whatever aspect of your home you wish to invest in, the Rendon family is the demonstrated best option.

The process begins with a complimentary consultation in which we visit your Virginia home and see for ourselves the space (such as your kitchen, the true hub of the house) you want remodeled. That involves a lot of listening on our part, finding out what your desires are from a materials, storage, ergonomic usability – and of course style – perspective on your custom dream kitchen. Topics like colors, warmth, feel, traffic flow, air ventilation and the materials used to install your new kitchen remodeling project will be thoroughly discussed and decided upon – again, within your budget.

We also consider proper lighting. Ceiling lights, hanging lights, track lighting and dedicated task lighting are designed to ensure that the floors, cabinets, under cabinets and food-preparation spots are lit up to the necessary degree. Furthermore, Rendon Remodeling can make recommendations for conserving the energy your kitchen uses, saving you money and saving our environment with energy-conscious kitchen appliances, light fixtures and adequate insulation.

In Virginia, green is in, so Rendon can assist you in making your home’s kitchen a little greener. Rendon Remodeling has been a leader throughout VA as a design/build architectural firm committed to breathtaking home improvements and additions in a beneficially sustainable manner. Let Rendon take your dream kitchen into the 21st century – even if it looks like something out of the 19th.

Your kitchen’s style is entirely your own, completely a reflection on your family’s and your home’s personality. With our choice of granite versus wood composite, or an old-world or rustic theme as opposed to a contemporary, modern one, Rendon will work with you to ensure that your kitchen remodel is the perfect fit.

Call Rendon Remodeling & Design LLC to initiate perhaps the wisest investment your family could make in your home – likely your largest investment. Realtors and interior designers know the statistics which portray the substantial increases in home value which are possible with a remodeled kitchen. Heed the advice of those experts, and bring in our experts, for a superbly designed and immaculately constructed kitchen remodel that meets your budget as well as your needs, and makes your Virginia home even more enjoyable for your family.