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Multiple Renovations for a Great Falls, Virginia Home

Here at Rendon Remodeling & Design, there is nothing we love more than impressing our clients with an amazing transformation, especially so much so that they bring us back for additional remodels! After we talk with the client and survey the space, we get started on making their renovation dreams come true! 

Project Background 

Last year, we completed a kitchen remodel for a home in Great Falls, Virginia and this year they brought us back wanting a larger master bedroom and bathroom. Neighbors in their area recommended us on Next Door, and we are always thankful for those that send referrals for our work.   

The Process 

Starting with the kitchen, the family was hoping for a completely new style and functional kitchen. Previously it was old and outdated due to the fixtures, flooring and overall design. 

When they brought us back this year for the master bedroom, we discussed their hopes to stay in their home long-term and a need for it work best for them. The master bedroom and bathroom in the home originally were very small, causing them to feel cramped and crowded. Much like the kitchen, the bathroom was also in need of a full redesign. 

The Challenges 

Both projects presented no major roadblocks or challenges, which is what we always hope for. Completely changing the design and floorplan of a room always presents complexities with relocating the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC where needed. But, we’re prepared for that and our experienced team knows how to handle those changes. 

The Kitchen 

What was once old and outdated is now a kitchen that is bright and airy. Dark cabinets and countertops were replaced with a light gray finish, lighter countertops, and a white tile backsplash that combined provide a nice, clean look. Our team installed all new stainless steel appliances to continue the modern and clean feel, along with a white cast iron apron front sink (no one enjoys dishes, but at least this family can do them in style now). Glass cabinets with lighting continue to add that bright, airy feel as well as adding functionality in the darker hours. 

The Master Suite 

Our second project with this family started by combining two small bedrooms to create a large master bedroom, and then we moved onto enlarging and doing a full redesign on the master bath. Our team created a bath that was much more spacious featuring double sinks, a steam shower, and a free-standing tub – in place of a previous single sink and small shower. 

Sometimes we’re extra envious of our remodels, and the spa-like master bath hits that mark. Windows installed above the freestanding tub bring in natural light most don’t see in their baths. And for those stressful days, the family can unwind by utilizing their steam shower as a steam room as the glass enclosure goes from floor to ceiling to completely enclose the space. Best yet, the warmth from the steam can be continued when they step out and grab a towel from the heated towel rack. 

Continuing the trend of bright and airy, sliding doors were incorporated on each side of the bedroom for natural light. To create even more space, we took advantage of shaker-style sliding barn doors for the large closet, rather than swinging doors. A great tip for anyone looking to have more space in a room you may be remodeling! 

When speaking to our designer who has worked throughout this home, she mentioned that the home is on a beautiful, secluded wooded lot. In hopes to bring that outside feel, inside, the bathroom design incorporated elements like a pebble floor tile in the shower. The goal of the design was to create a serene spa-like feel. 

The Finish 

As stated above, sometimes we’re extra envious of our remodels and this one fits the bill. Our time working with the family has been nothing but enjoyable. Being there every step of the way to create dream homes, is why we do this. Upon talking to the family, they intend to continue to work with us as they take steps to design the home they spend their lives in. 

Just take the homeowners word for it, “working with Rendon Remodeling and Design was by far the best experience we’ve had with a contractor. Mike, Joey, and their team members are professional, reliable, and do incredible work. We hired Rendon to do a complete kitchen remodel and were so pleased with the results, we engaged them to do our master bath and bedroom remodel. If you’re looking for an extremely professional contractor to do the job right, look no further.” 

If you’re dreaming of a remodel like this Great Falls, Virginia family, reach out to us at Rendon Remodeling & Design! We’d love to create a space that you can enjoy at all stages in your family’s life! 


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