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National Kitchen and Bath Month

October has its fair share of “National Month” Observances. If you are a country music fan, a cookbook author, or a lover of all things apple pie, October is your month. While the nuanced national months can be a fun way of recognizing beloved aspects of our personalities and tastes, October has one national month observance that nearly everyone can get behind, regardless of music taste, career choice, or fall food preferences. October is National Kitchen and Bath month. If you are a homeowner who cares about worthwhile ways of increasing your home’s value, this month is for you. Bonus points if you are a homeowner who also just happens to enjoy apple pie.

Say you’ve been thinking about completing a home renovation or remodeling project but are on the fence. If the sole fact that October is National Kitchen and Bath Month is not enough to convince you the time is right, the facts and data just might. Kitchen and bath remodels are not just luxurious additions to your home—which they most definitely are. Kitchens and baths add observable value to your home.

Expert realtors in the market explain that kitchens and bathrooms are the deluxe rooms that many buyers want to splurge on when shopping existing homes. Kitchens and baths are also the rooms where it’s most obvious if money has been spent well, so investing in remodeling companies that express unwavering attention to detail and your vision is crucial. While what you get back on your investment surely depends on the neighborhood, the housing market, and the value of your home, in the hottest housing markets, such as Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, kitchen and bath remodels have seen significantly more than 100% return on the costs. Even in average housing markets, if a bath remodel is done properly, homeowners can expect a 62% return on average. Based on current trends and what is generating the best price-per-square-foot value, housing experts suggest that the most essential facets of a remodel are updating worn-out items, modernizing fixtures, and creating a functional space. Even if you can’t see yourself selling your home in the near future, remodeling projects add a “joy factor” to your home. According to a remodeling impact report, after a remodeling project, 75% of homeowners want to be in their homes more and 65% have more fun in their homes. These small, often inexpensive, additions to your home and bath can often make you, and potential buyers, happier.

Kitchen and bath remodels can add value to your home and increase your satisfaction as a homeowner. So, National Kitchen and Bath Month seems like the perfect time to experience the benefits of the home improvement project you’ve been thinking about. And hey, who knows, that new kitchen may just also be the perfect place to enjoy some apple pie. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation! 703.444.3127

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