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Screen Porch Projects

Now that spring has finally arrived, it’s time to think about adding a porch onto the back of your house. There are so many benefits of a screened in porch and now is the perfect time to expand.
It is best to start with a renovation of the back of the house. You can give yourself more practical space to use on a daily basis while staying private. If you have a large back yard, or are not concerned with space, you can really create a nice second living area. By pushing the porch out farther you will have more walking space and room for furniture. If you like plants and decorations this will give you the room to have a look and feel without being cramped or stuffed. Having chairs and patio styled sofas is a common desire for the backyard porch, but if you are limited on space you may end having to choose between pieces of furniture; or having to switch things out depending on what you want to do.
In the summertime it is nice to be able to sit outside and eat without bugs flying and crawling all around you. With a decent sized porch you can have a dining area with a table and chairs. When you’re hosting a large number of people this will allow everyone to enjoy each other’s company outside in the beautiful weather. It is also nice to sit out and read or nap. Having a hammock or a bench swing in your porch is a much more soothing experience than being out in the woods.
A porch doesn’t have to just be a square that juts out into the yard, either. That can create big corners on either side where the porch meets the side of the house. It can also be hard to match the new, updated style of the porch with the house behind it. To many, it is important to remain consistent and not look as though the addition was just put there. Instead imagine your porch covering the entire length of the house. With this option you can have two or even three separate rooms on your porch. If this seems too lengthy or you have windows you don’t want covered, you can have your porch angle to the wall for a softer touch.
In the case that you don’t want your porch directly in the middle of the house but off the one side, there are many things you can do with this style as well. You can screen-in part of the porch and leave the rest open, creating a progression in style and giving you more options. You can also have the steps from your porch adjacent to the house so as not protrude into your yard but to run smooth with the direction of the house. Many people think that because they have a set of steps or some concrete slabs already leading from the back door to their yard that it will be difficult to remodel. This is just a small bump in the road to an amazing look and a practical addition. It is normal to have existing features already on your house, this kind of renovation is not a problem to handle for remodeling professionals.
Whether you’re remodeling an already existing porch or creating an entirely new one, having a screened in porch that best suits your style and needs is very important. The luxury of enjoying the outdoors with friends and family, or even some quiet time to yourself, without the drawbacks of nature is something many people dream of; and it is not an impossible scenario if you call Rendon Remodeling & Design, LLC today to help create your ideal porch. We would love to sit down with you and go over all of your ideas. We have been working with clients for many years, and it is our mission to ensure you get exactly what you want in a timely, efficient and stress-free experience with the utmost quality in the business.
So this year, welcome spring! And welcome being able to sit outside to enjoy it!

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