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Top 10 Questions to Ask Contractors

Top 10 Questions to Ask Contractors


Deciding to remodel your home was the first decision you made, only to be followed by a slew of others. But what if you don’t know what to ask? There are dozens of questions covering just as many topics; it could easily become overwhelming. “Overwhelmed” is the last thing we want for our clients. So, to help make your decision-making process manageable, we’ve boiled down the myriad of questions to those listed below. We have also provided our answers to give you insight into our business experience and credentials. Our answers, as well as any other contractor’s, should help guide you toward choosing a partner that you can trust. 


What to Ask a Prospective Contractor


  1. When was your company established?

Rendon Remodeling & Design been in business since 2005 working with and providing home remodeling solutions for homeowners in the Northern Virginia area.


  1. Can you share a little about your company’s story?

Rendon Remodeling & Design was founded by Fred Rendon after working in the remodeling business in Northern VA for more than 30 years. After a career in Toxicology research, Fred discovered that he had a love of and interest in construction from a long-time friend who owned a remodeling business in Northern VA. Fred worked for many years learning all the ins and outs of remodeling and construction. It was then time to make the “break” from the research field and follow his dream. During the process of education, finding the right partnership fit and obtaining a Class “A” license with the state of VA, Fred determined it was time to establish Rendon Remodeling & Design.

With the assistance of his wife, Karen; Rendon Remodeling & Design launched. Shortly thereafter, both sons, Michael and Joseph entered the company and are now very instrumental in the success of the business. Fred knew that the best way to be in business with the code of ethics and morals he lives by would be to start his own company. He is proud to say that the family-owned and operated business he developed is strong partly because of our family and dedicated employees, but mostly because of the loyal client’s we serve.


  1. Is your company licensed and insured? Can we obtain copies of both?

We carry a Class “A” license in the state of Virginia and are fully insured. We are happy to provide our clients with copies of these documents.


  1. What projects would best fit your expertise?

Our talented team specializes in home additions, as well as kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling.


  1. What is your company process as it pertains to my project?

Getting started on remodeling your home is easy with Rendon Remodeling & Design with three key phases. 

  • Complimentary Consultation

We’ll discuss your ideas, budget and timeline for your project. We’ll listen closely so we clearly understand what you want to accomplish. Plus, we will take measurements and pictures to accurately begin the process of building your scope of work/proposal.

  • Budget and Plan

To determine budget parameters and present possible solutions to your project, our team will create initial designs and a general description of the scope of work to be performed. We will refine those based on your input and present a detailed estimate based on the design plans for the project. You will receive the overall costs for your project based on all the information gathered during the design/selection phase, helping to minimize the need for addendums as the project progresses.

  • Design

At this stage, our design team of professionals, including an Architect/Designer and Design Consultant, will provide you guidance in fine-tuning your project layout. The Architect will provide you with conceptual designs/layouts to visualize your dream project, and our experienced Design Consultant will assist you in selecting materials that meet your aesthetic needs for both function and fashion.


  1. Will there be assistance on selection of materials from your company?

Our Design Consultant will provide you with guidance and support in making all material selections necessary, keeping in line with your budget and design goals.


  1. How does your company handle the production management of all projects?

Rendon Remodeling & Design is fortunate to have a highly experienced project manager leading our production team through the following process:

  • Pre-construction

Prior to the start of any project, we hold a pre-construction meeting to go over how to prepare and what you should expect when the project starts. You will be introduced to your Production Manager who will be responsible for the day-to-day activities of your remodeling project.

  • Construction

During this phase, all demolition and new installation will be completed. Our knowledgeable construction team is responsible for meeting the building schedule, ensuring quality and cost control, coordinating all site work, cleaning up the worksite, answering your questions and addressing any new ideas you may have. If changes are requested or additional work is necessary, we’ll prepare a detailed addendum with costs and increased scheduling for your review prior to any changes occurring.

  • Post-construction

At substantial completion, the Production Manager will meet with you to walk through the project, determine any punch-list items to be addressed and discuss the final schedule for completion. You will also be presented with your warranty information.


  1. How long does a project like mine take to complete?

Because every homeowner’s project is unique, timelines vary based on the scope of work. Some projects can be finished in a matter of weeks whereas others may require months. Our clients’ needs are discussed and addressed during project planning, and the timing is agreed upon by all parties before work begins. 


  1. Do you have employees or do you subcontract all phases of construction?

Rendon Remodeling & Design employs a talented team of craftsmen with many years of experience in new construction and remodeling. Their skills range far and wide, allowing us to deliver impeccable work in-house. Our team also includes a consistent group of professional subcontractors who handle the specialty trades (plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.) and carry proper licenses and insurances.


  1. Are client references possible?

Absolutely! Many of them are located online at

None of these questions should your prospective contractor find surprising, so listen closely to their answers. Remember, too, that avoiding a question could be a red flag as much as an unsatisfactory answer. For additional support or guidance, we suggest reviewing information provided by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI).


As always, our team is ready and able to assist you in any way. Just give us a call at (703) 444-3127 or email [email protected].

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