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Top 5 Reasons to Work with a Design-Build Firm

So, you’re thinking about a remodel? As can be expected, remodels are a big decision. You want to ensure that your time and budget are well-spent; in fact, those are often two of the main reasons you’ll want to work with a design-build firm rather than a general contractor.  As a design-build firm, Rendon Remodeling & Design can tie in construction and design together. This means we’re design experts, tradesmen, and seasoned builders, all under one roof!

Read along in the list below to learn more about the benefits of hiring a design-build firm!

#1 Working with a design-build firm would be a full-service experience from beginning to end.

Design-build is the fastest growing and most popular method used to deliver construction projects in America.[1] When you choose to work with a design-build firm, you benefit from working with a sole entity familiar with all aspects of your project, so the clients and the crews stay up-to-date about the project’s progress. In addition, when working with a design-build company, everything, from schedules, costs, renderings, drawings, and more, are conveniently packaged into a single project plan.

[1] What Is Design-Build? – DBIA.

#2 You have the comfort of knowing the job will be done right.

As you might imagine, remodels can be complex. The more people involved with a project, the more opportunities for miscommunication before and during your remodel. There are many moving pieces from timelines and schedules to finished materials; therefore, when one component is incorrect, the entire project can be thrown off. You benefit from frequent and consistent communication between the design and construction components of your project when you work with a design-build firm. There’s a high degree of constant collaboration between the construction and design professionals to ensure the job is done the right way!

#3 Access to a design consultant to help you with your selections

Another benefit of working with a design-build company is the opportunity to work with a design consultant to help you with your choices. A design consultant meets with you to analyze and discuss your specific remodeling needs and desires. This includes reviewing home remodeling design ideas and concepts and fine-tuning each until you’re satisfied. These are just a few things you can expect when working with a design consultant.

#4 Better Budgeting

Your project’s budget is an essential factor during the remodeling process for apparent reasons. You want to ensure your budget goes as far as possible while still resulting in a high-quality result. That’s where we come in! A design-build firm can assist with outlining your budget from the beginning. We’re familiar with the design and finish pricing in addition to construction costs. Working with a design-build firm helps ensure your design and budget are feasible.

At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we’re with you every step of the way and are involved with all aspects of your project, including the budget. No one wants unwelcome budget surprises!

#5 More-Aligned Feasibility

Finally, when you choose to work with a design-build firm like Rendon Remodeling & Design, you have the peace of mind in knowing, from the start, whether the remodel you’ve mapped out, from a construction and budget standpoint, is feasible. When you work with a general contractor and separate vendors, this might not be caught early enough, resulting in both time and money wasted. A design-build firm can help you assess your project from its inception to ensure your design goals are aligned with the construction component and examine your property for issues that could affect the remodel.

There you have it! From more streamlined communication to more control over the budget, and overall peace of mind, when you choose to work with a design-build firm, your project not only runs more efficiently, but you’ll also feel confident knowing that we’re with you every step of the way of your project!

Are you considering a remodel? Rendon Remodeling & Design, servicing Northern Virginia, is committed to working with you through every step of your remodel to create a space you’ll love. Contact us today to get started!

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