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Last week, Rendon Remodeling & Design attended a training seminar in Richmond, VA. As in most professions, remodeling is constantly changing: new ideas, new products, new technology, etc. To be the best company we can be, we keep up to date with the new ideas and technology to better ourselves as a company. The training seminar we attended went over a wide range of topics that many contractors just can’t seem to get right. The seminar consisted of properly waterproofing windows and doors, building better decks, and exterior trim.One of the most important topics was the waterproofing of windows and doors. Many contractors improperly install windows and doors everyday, which lead to water leaks, air infiltration, etc. When a window or door is improperly installed, this can lead to devastating effects in the future. When you install an exterior window or door, you must ensure that it is properly installed while maintaining a weather resistive barrier system. This class taught us the correct ways to properly flash a window to prevent water leakage, using the proper sill pan to ensure extra protection from water damage, and properly install the window an.d door. Be sure that your contractor is well educated when it comes to installing your exterior windows and doors. It will pay in the long run.Building better decks was an interesting topics as will. Anybody can build a basic deck, but who is qualified to install unique decks with fancy trim, unique designs, and a more classy look. Installing a round deck is a nice design, but not many contractors have the skills to successfully do this type of deck. This course gave us new innovative ideas and tips to successfully install a deck with style and class.One of the most important topics during this seminar was actually the proper installation of the deck attachment to the house. The connection to the house is one of the most critical aspects in deck building because this is what is most prone to failure. It may be hard to believe, but decks collapse all the time, and it is mainly due to inadequate fastening to the home. This why it is extremely important to hire a licensed professional who is obtaining permits for the work to ensure that the construction is inspected and meets the local county building code. This course showed us the proper tecniques to take when fastening and mounting a deck to the existing home to ensure durability and strength. Another important topic when building decks is using the proper fasteners. Many contractors don’t keep up to date with constant changes in the remodeling field and neglect to make the necessary changes during construction. When building decks, you must use the latest ACQ compatible fasteners and hardware with pressure treated lumber. If the wrong fasteners are used with pressure treated lumber, the chemicals can react with the fastener or hardware and cause it to deteriorate over time which can lead to a faulty deck. It is very important to keep up with these changes to ensure you are properly building a safe deck.Here at Rendon Remodeling & Design, LLC, we take our craft and profession very seriously! We pride ourselves in staying up to date with the latest ideas in the remodeling field to ensure we are serving our customers as best as we possibly can.

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