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Types of Home Additions



Since the housing crisis caused many homeowners to decide to stay in their existing home rather than move, home additions and upgrades have been on the rise. It is generally less expensive, assuming one would be trading up, to put money into upgrades on an existing house rather than buy a new one and move. This has been a trend we see as redesigned bathrooms and kitchens, as well as home additions, have been keeping us very busy. This is the first in our series on Home Additions. We will go over many different ideas for how to add to your existing home in ways you may not have thought of before. Future blogs will go into greater detail to really expand on what is possible to enhance your living space.
As the premier home remodeler in Northern Virginia, Rendon Remodeling & Design works with everything from multi-million dollar homes in McLean to single family dwellings in Reston or luxury town homes in Ashburn, and have worked with a wide variety of design ideas. These are a few options to consider when deciding how to expand and upgrade your residence.

1. Sunroom Addition – The technology for these spaces has improved dramatically over the past few decades, making this option very desirable for many homeowners. The windows and walls are constructed to be rooms that are enjoyed all year around, while maintaining maximum light and an outdoor feeling.  This is often the favorite room for family or relaxing time.

2. Garage Addition – Adding more space for storage, workshop, and of course a dry and secure place to keep your car, is a good option to increase functional space for many homeowners. This is one of the least expensive additions and depending on your needs may offer a good solution to upgrade your home.
3. Finish Basement/Attic – These areas, if not already finished, may be the least expensive and easiest ideas for upgrading your house. There are architectural/permitting considerations which need to be evaluated, but if you have these spaces, you may want to consider finishing them for functional use. This could include recreation areas, such as a bar and pool table, or another bedroom and/or bathroom. The less you have to do to add to or change the existing structure, the more affordable and doable the project becomes.
4. Master Suite Addition – This is a very common addition and adds a great deal of value to the home. Though these additions tend to cost more, they also have a greater potential to recoup the investment at the time of resale since the house converts, for example from a 2 bedroom/1 bath house to a 3 bedroom/2 bath house. This makes the house more valuable and far more marketable while giving you the ability to enlarge your master bedroom and give you the large master bathroom with custom shower you have always wanted.
5. In-Law Suite Addition – This is the perfect option for when you need more space for a family member or rental to live. This option would normally include a separate entrance and bathroom. It may or may not include a small kitchen, depending on your individual needs. In-law suites may be converted spaces in the basement, an addition onto the house, or a separate unit all together. Generally, the costs go up for each option, as does the functionality and possible resale value.
6. Second Story Addition – If you don’t have land to build on, you can always build up. This may be the perfect solution if you don’t have enough yard space to increase the home’s footprint. Building a second story will give you a great deal more space, as it doubles the entire square footage of the existing home. This may be more expensive than a ground floor addition, but the rewards may be well worth it.
7. Kitchen Addition -This is a popular addition option for homes where the kitchen is insufficient for the family needs. Older homes were built with small and confined cooking areas, which often do not suit the needs of the modern family. At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we do a lot of kitchen additions – upgrading lovely homes in the Northern Virginia area.
Making the decision to put an addition on your existing home should include resale investment, but not exclusively. If you are intending to live in the home for a few more years, the decision to improve it should also consider how you will benefit during the years you live there.  We implement the design and construction of all types of home additions and remodeling.


If you have been inspired by this blog and you are ready to move forward on creating the house of your dreams or just increase the overall value of your home, contact Rendon Remodeling & Design for a complimentary consultation and let us assist you with what will work best to fit your family needs.  (703) 444-3127 or [email protected]

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