Our Pricing

Remodeling projects can vary greatly when it comes to pricing. It is not uncommon to get a wide range of pricing when you are screening the different companies for your project. The final cost of the project has many critical components, some include: types of materials used, quality of the company, capabilities of the company, design services, project management, reputation, etc. All of these are critical factors when choosing the right company for your project, and must be examined thoroughly as you are making the final decision to pick the best company for you.


We have provided this pricing page as a guide for customers interested in these types of projects. Each project is unique and has many different variables, so each project may vary in price, but this is made as a guide for our customers to assist them in planning for their project. Establishing a budget is critical in the early planning stages of a project, so we provide this as a guide to assist in that process. Keep in mind, these costs are very rough ballparks at this point, and do not mean that this is what your project will cost; but these tend to be the average costs for the types of projects we do in the Northern Virginia area.

We do an initial complimentary consultation to evaluate the project, determine what is feasible, and make sure we are a right fit for each other moving forward. After the initial meeting, we would review the preliminary costs for the project and what is possible, which will assist in establishing a budget for the project.

If the project requires further design work, we proceed with a design contract. The design contract includes working with the design team (architect, designers, etc.) to provide conceptual plans for your project and assistance with selecting the materials for your project. This is an in-depth process that helps us and the customer establish the scope of work and helps eliminate possible unknowns. Our minimum design fee is typically $1,500 and can range up to $10,000+. The final design fee is based on the amount of work and design services involved.

Our projects range from $10,000 – $400,000+, so we can do a wide range of projects, and have a great team to assist in all facets of the project(s). If you have any questions about your project, please feel free to contact us at (703)444-3127 or [email protected]. Please keep in mind, these preliminary prices are just guides for our customers to get an idea of what the project(s) may cost; each project is unique and we can work with you to establish the actual pricing for your project.


One-Story Addition

(no bathrooms or kitchen)

$400 - $500

per square foot


Multi-Story Addition

(no bathrooms or kitchen)

$350 - $450

per square foot


Second-Story/Pop-up Addition

(no bathrooms or kitchen)

$350 - $450

per square foot


Kitchen Remodel

(in current location)

NOTE: Cost of appliances is not included.

$75,000 - $150,000


Kitchen Re-design or Relocation

(with complete re-design or relocation)

NOTE: Cost of appliances is not included.

$100,000 - $200,000


Master Bathroom Remodel

(in current location)

$40,000 - $100,000


Master Bathroom Re-design or relocation

(complete re-design or relocation)

$60,000 - $150,000


Hall Bathroom Remodel

(in current location)

$25,000 - $40,000


Basement Finish with Full Bathroom

(no wet bar)

$85,000 - $175,000


Screened Porch & Deck

(with natural wood look)

$50,000 - $85,000


Screen Porch & Deck

(with synthetic low-maintenance material)

$75,000 - $150,000