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Happy Holidays

Without a doubt, we’re all ready for 2020 to move along, and many of us have dug in our heels and refuse to let the pandemic take happy holidays away. Did you notice how many of us jumped at the chance to grab onto the joy of the holiday season and hang on as if … Continue reading “Happy Holidays”

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Project Case Study: Basement Remodel

To go smoothly, life transitions – like with construction and remodeling – require careful, thoughtful planning with an eye not only on short-term outcomes, but also long-term satisfaction. Project Background We recently worked with a Northern Virginia couple who, after more than 32 years of their 44+ years of marriage in the same home, were … Continue reading “Project Case Study: Basement Remodel”

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Basement Trends and Tips

Basement Trends and Tips Basements are spaces where you extend your living space and add additional areas for your family to gather. You will want to make this space multi-functional and have open areas for your growing needs. There are many things you should consider when thinking about expanding an unfinished room or the entire … Continue reading “Basement Trends and Tips”

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A bright kitchen with gray-blue cabinets and gray countertops

Fall 2020 Kitchen Trends

Kitchens are the heart of the home, where we gather with family and friends for a good meal to reminisce and have memorable discussions. With fall on the horizon that means cooler temperatures, lots of pumpkins, leaves falling and inspiration to decorate in rustic, warm and cozy colors. So, if you are thinking of a … Continue reading “Fall 2020 Kitchen Trends”

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Photo of remodeled kitchen.

Home Remodeling during Covid-19

Staying home inspired your next remodel? Has being home for the last several months led you to notice all the imperfections and updates your home is needing? Have you thought, I’m ready to start a renovation but is it reasonable to do so during a pandemic? We want you to know that Rendon Remodeling & … Continue reading “Home Remodeling during Covid-19”

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Master bathroom after renovation

Project Case Study: Master Bathroom & Bedroom Renovation

Here at Rendon Remodeling, the entire process of a home renovation process is important to us. We value creating a strong relationship and open line of communication between our customer, design team, and production team from start to finish. This includes a period of reflection to ensure our customer is satisfied and our team achieved … Continue reading “Project Case Study: Master Bathroom & Bedroom Renovation”

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7-Day Home Improvement Challenge

Looking to fill your extra free time these days? Thinking this quarantine is the perfect time to improve your home but need a push to get started? You’ve come to the right place. At Rendon Remodeling & Design, home improvement is our passion – and now that we are spending more time at home, we’ve … Continue reading “7-Day Home Improvement Challenge”

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The Home Remodeling Process

Home remodeling projects are extremely exciting. However, we understand that this can be a big endeavor. The home you have known for so long may be dramatically changing to fit your family’s needs and your aesthetic vision. At Rendon Remodeling & Design, we have developed our process with our client in mind so that the … Continue reading “The Home Remodeling Process”

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10 Design Trends To Look For In 2020!

White kitchens with pops of color Continue to look for mostly clean, white kitchen palettes but expect to see more pops of fun colors in islands, accent cabinetry and tile. Accent colors will likely be bold blues/reds/greens contrasting with the white. Black and white kitchens will be trending as well. Cabinetry Cabinet doors continue to … Continue reading “10 Design Trends To Look For In 2020!”

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Winterizing the Home with Rendon Remodeling!

As homeowners, we’ve all heard the horror stories that come with winter. Frozen pipes and ice dams and sky-high energy bills, oh my! Okay, so maybe it doesn’t flow as well as when Dorothy said it, but we promise that without proper home management, a home in winter can be just as scary as those … Continue reading “Winterizing the Home with Rendon Remodeling!”

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